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A new way to calculate the return on your investments

The calculation of investments is fundamental in the life of each of us. Understanding how much your money can make is necessary in order to manage it in the best way. AmountRuler will help you learn and understand the concept of compound interest and its importance in life, quickly and easily . The app aims to allow everyone to be able to optimize and better manage their investments.

The mathematical formulas behind the calculation of investments can be difficult to understand and set up independently. Therefore we designed an application that would allow anyone to simply and quickly calculate all the variables we need when we invest money, but above all to have the knowledge of how these calculations are made.

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Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 mini -
AmountRuler- Calcolo interesse composto e semplice

AmountRuler is the only financial calculator on the market that integrates all the variables of an investment and explains their operation and properties. In fact, the guide explains how the results are obtained and which formulas are used.

No more questions or puzzles about your finances.
Amountruler calculates and explains all the data you need for your investment with a simple TAP

Simple and Compound Interest Calculator
All in one APP


Availability and compatibility

iPhone: optimized for iOS13 and later.
In iOS12, calculations are not allowed between two specific dates (the calculation is performed only for periods expressed in years and months).

Available Languages: Italian, English

download link from the app store

and variables in financial calculation

Version 1.0

Calculate all the variables of the simple and compound interest mathematical formula.

In the case of the compound it is also possible to foresee periodic payments.


The variables are: the Amount, the Initial Capital, the Interest Rate and the Duration, in the calculation of the compound interest it is also possible to provide for an additional periodic payment called the Premium.

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AmountRuler calculates
interest, amount and investment variables: here's how

You can choose which variable to calculate by closing its Padlock with a tap. After that it will be enough to set the values of our investment through one of the two convenient interfaces available:

  1. Slider regulator : by simply dragging the slider to the desired quantities, 

  2. Classic calculator: by typing the values in the appropriate boxes

At this point the App will calculate simple, compound interest, amount, rate, duration, principal and additional payments based on your quantities. Simple!  


Compound Interest Calculation, Simple and investment variables: simple and fast

Graphic interface:
a simple and powerful UI

In the DETAILS view it is possible to view the values assumed by all the variables in the individual periods. By tapping on the period concerned, a pie chart is generated that allows you to view the values assumed by the individual variables in absolute terms and percentages in that period.  

In the GRAPH view, a bar chart with legend is intended to make the calculations and its "meanings" more "visual".

The RULER view a button that opens a subsequent selection view, allows you to set the value ranges that the individual variables can assume in that mode. By dragging the cursor, the user will assign values to individual variables within the selected range. The cursor moves by the selectable step in the same way as the relative interval.  

download link from the app store

Other Features

Online Help and User Manual (ITA-ENG)

With a long tap, carried out in the cell of the variable concerned, a PDF will be opened showing the calculation formula of this variable and some calculation examples.
With a tap on GUIDE, however, the manual will be displayed.

Sharing and saving of the calculation made on WhatsApp, Mail, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, iMessage, Notes, Reminders etc.



With the App, Info button, it is possible to send mail to the author (me) and access the reference website.  

The site contains additional content that will be updated and implemented over time, including:

  • downloadable guides, calculations, formulas, examples;

  • Curiosity on the subject;

  • Ability to report user experiences of the app and any suggestions for its implementation, interaction with the author (me).

  • Notification of the availability of any updates.

Who is it for:
a useful financial calculator for students, workers and more

  • Students and teachers
    Thanks to it, the teaching and study of financial mathematics will be even easier and more accessible. The App is a fundamental tool to help you solve exercises and calculations.

  • Finance workers
    as staff of banks, insurance companies or similar

  • Anyone interested in the topic!
    "Are they telling me things correctly?
    If I invest a certain amount every month for a certain period, how much will I get in the end?
    How much has my investment paid off?
    What initial capital do I have to put in to get a final one of this amount after this certain amount of time "?
    These are all questions that you will no longer need to ask yourself thanks to AmountRuler

Altre Info

The idea

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Albert Einstein

"Interest is the eighth wonder of the world, whoever understands it earns it, whoever doesn't understand it pays the price"

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